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Sample 2. Step 21: Creating a Serves element

To create the Serves element:

  1. Create an element of type Static Text and name it Serves.
  2. Click the Static Text tab.
  3. In the Search text field, type the text to search: Serves.
  4. Set Max error percentage to 20.
  5. Click the Advanced tab.
  6. In the Advanced pre-search relations field, specify an additional search constraint:Look for the object closest to the cooking time. In the FlexiLayout language this must be written as follows:
    Nearest: SearchElements.Cooking.CookingTimeHeader;
    Note.The same constraint can also be specified via the program’s graphical user interface. Click the Relations, select Nearest, and in the To drop-down list select Element and specify CookingTimeHeader as the Reference element.

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