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Sample 2. Step 5: Viewing images and pre-recognition results

Pre-recognition shows that all the text objects corresponding to the names of the fields, the inverted text, and the horizontal separators can be reliably detected. The program can use these objects as "signposts" or reference elements when looking for other objects.

Now you can create reference elements. Click the FlexiLayout tab in the main program window.

Note.For more about viewing images and pre-recognition results, see Sample 1, Step 5 and Step 6.

Note. For each image in the batch, you can create a reference layout which reflects the desired positions of the blocks on the image. A reference layout can be created manually or based on the FlexiLayout matching results. Reference layouts are used when debugging FlexiLayouts, allowing you to compare the matching results with the expected positions of the blocks on each of the images. See Reference layout for details.

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