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Sample 2. Step 10: Creating the Recipe element

To create the Recipe element:

  1. Create an element of type Static Text and name it Recipe.
    Do not select Required element which is not selected by default. Unlike the document heading, which is used as a document identifier and for this reason was specified as a required element, all the other elements are assumed to be optional. This will allow the program to formulate hypotheses even for those elements for which it fails to find corresponding objects on the images.

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  1. Click the Static Text tab.
  2. In the Search text field, type the text to search. Since the field name has only one line on all the test images, you can type it without spaces: Recipe#:.
  3. Set the Max error percentage to 20 (since the name of the field consists of only one word, it is unlikely to contain a very large number of errors).

Try matching the FlexiLayout with the test images and make sure that the program successfully finds the field name on all the images.

4/13/2021 11:12:27 AM

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