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Conversion of types

The FlexiLayout language supports implicit conversion of types.

Int –> Real
Rect –> Region
XCoordinate –> XInterval
YCoordinate –> YInterval
Distance –> DistInterval

The following conversions are allowed in the language, but may result in an error. For example, conversion XCoordinate –> Distance with a subsequent conversion Distance –> YCoordinate may lead to an error of converting an X-coordinate into a Y-coordinate.

If you use such conversions in your code, the compiler will display a warning message.

Distance –> XCoordinate
Distance –> YCoordinate
XCoordinate –> Distance
YCoordinate –> Distance
DistInterval –> XInterval
DistInterval –> YInterval
Xinterval –> DistInterval
Yinterval –> DistInterval

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