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Extended regular expressions

Formats are specified by means of extended regular expressions.

Extended regular expressions are regular expressions with additional functionality enclosed between an opening bracket followed by a percent character and a percent character followed by a closing bracket ([% and %]). Extended regular expressions have the following additional features:

  1. One or more characters inside the brackets are supplemented with popular OCR errors.
    For example, [%S%] may allow S, $, and 5.
  2. Special words inside [%...%] for common character sets and OCR errors:
    1. LETTERS — Capital Latin letters and characters commonly recognized as capital Latin letters;
    2. DIGITS — Digits and characters commonly recognized as digits;
    3. LETERSANDDIGITS — Capital Latin letters, digits, and characters commonly recognized as capital Latin letters and digits.

For example, [%DIGITS%]{9} specifies nine consecutive digits or common OCR errors for digits, e.g. "OI234Sb7B9".

Note.If search results are not satisfactory, open the Advanced > Code tab in the element's properties, check the regular expression to make sure there are no mistakes, and then copy it to the Regular Expression box and check the alphabet.

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