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Sample 1. Step 6: Analyzing pre-recognition results and selecting reference elements

When analyzing the pre-recognition results, you might wish to view different types of objects and images separately.

First, find the objects which have been consistently detected during pre-recognition on each of the test images and which the program may use as reference elements when looking for fields.

Once you have viewed the pre-recognition results for all the test images, you will notice that:

  1. The program has consistently detected all the Text objects corresponding to the names of the fields, and all the Barcode objects and Separator objects around the photograph. These objects can be used as reference elements when looking for the blocks.
  2. On images 3, 5 and 6 the program has detected separators that are missing on the other images. These objects cannot be used as reference elements when looking for the blocks.
  3. On images 1 and 6, the program has failed to recognize all parts of the photograph as image objects of type Picture. This means that looking just for a Picture object the program will not find the entire photograph, and you will need to use additional methods. (They will be described in Step 20: Describing the Photograph field.)

Now you can create and set up the reference elements and specify the search constraints for blocks corresponding for fields to be search.

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