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Generating element relations

Apart from specifying a relative search area for elements manually, you can also train element relations based on the reference layout of the selected pages.

To enable training element relations:

  • The Reference layout must contain elements for which relations are to be generated.
  • All pages to be included in the training set must be marked as Use for Training on the Batch tab.

To generate element relations:

  1. From the element shortcut menu select Train Element > Generate Element Relations. The Select Element dialog box will open.
  2. Choose elements to generate relations with and add them to the right side of the window clicking (for adding a selected element) or (for adding all available elements) or with a double-click on a desired element. The selected elements are highlighted in bold on the left side of the window.
  3. Click OK. The Choose Trained Element Relations dialog box will open.
  4. This dialog box consists of the Reference elements list which contains elements relations have been created with, the New Relations list which contains new relations received as a training result, and Old Relations list which contains earlier created relations.

  1. Select a relation in the list to view its visualization in the Image window. The reference element in the Image window is enclosed in a thick frame and the search area is highlighted with a green background.
    Note.When selecting several relations, the intersection of the selected relations is displayed. The intersection area is highlighted with a green background, while the areas out of the intersection borders are highlighted blue.
  2. To view visualized relations on the next or previous page from the training set, click and in the left bottom corner of the window respectively. To go to the page with a specified number, click the Go to Page... button.
  3. Mark a checkbox next to relations you wish to use and click the Save Changes button.

Note.The element being trained must be located lower down the tree of elements than the elements relations are created with. All elements must be non-recurring.

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