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Properties window

The Properties pane contains information about the currently selected element. This can be a page, tree node, or a marked-up element of an image. You can edit a parameter displayed in this pane by clicking its value in the Value column. The way the value is edited varies between different types of parameters.

Uneditable parameters

Sinle-line text

Multiple-line text

Drop-down list

Complex parameters




Distance in custom units

FlexiLayout element


Recognition language

Fuzzy interval

Recognition area

Named parameter

In most cases all user-specified values will be checked. Incorrect user-specified values are either changed back to the default value or displayed in the text box with an error notification. A separate dialog box with an error message is not displayed in such cases.

Parameters that have no meaning given the current properties of the element will be hidden. For example, the Search text, Database connection string and File name parameters cannot be displayed at the same time. One of these parameters is selected based on the search algorithm specified in the Static Text parameter, and the other two are hidden. The names of child parameters are indented relative to the name of the parent parameter.

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