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Printing to debug

In the Advanced pre-search relations and Advanced post-search relations sections, you can use the Print function, which prints information. This allows you to print information about certain properties of the formulated hypotheses.

The format of the Print function:

Void Print( String text )

The FlexiLayout language has global functions that are used to create string representations of various types and print debugging information (see the table).

To display debugging data, the FlexiLayout language offers global functions that create string representations of various types available in the language (see the table below).

The global Chr( Int char ) function is used to format the printed lines using tab characters, carriage returns, etc. This function returns a string representation of a character by its Unicode code.

Examples of calling the Print function:

Print: Str( Group1.Item1.Width );
Print: "Is Item1 Null ? - " + Str( Group1.Item1.IsNull );
Print: "Calculate formula: ( 5 * 18 );" + Chr( 13 ) +Chr( 10 ) + "Result is: " + Str( 5 * 18 ) + Chr( 9 ) + "// example";
Print: Str( Group1.Item1.Rect );

Calling the Print function several times in a row in one of the Advanced… sections will print text consisting of several lines. The text will be printed in the Properties window of the active hypothesis in the Pre-search print and Post-search print properties.

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