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Object Collection

Object Collection is an element of a FlexiLayout which is used to look for sets of objects of different types each of which meets the search criteria.

Object Collection elements are marked with in the FlexiLayout tree.

Object Collection elements are usually used to look for objects which cannot be found using other elements. For example, you can use an Object Collection element to look for punctuation marks which stand apart and are not marked as text objects. You can also use this element to look for non-text objects, e.g. pictures and check marks.

The properties of an Object Collection element

Click the Object Collection tab in the Properties dialog box to describe the corresponding object. To open the Properties dialog box, right-click the element in the FlexiLayout tree and select Properties... from the shortcut menu.

Show Properties dialog box, Object Collection tab

  • Type
    specifies the type of the objects to search: Text, Punctuation mark, Picture, Inverted text, Checkmark, Separator, Barcode. When matching the FlexiLayout with the images, only the objects of the specified types will be detected. All other objects will be ignored.
  • Object size
    sets the minimum and maximum widths and lengths of the objects in the user-defined units of measurement. To be able select the values for these properties, first look at the sizes of the objects in the Properties window.

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