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What's New In ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio 12

Advanced classification based on images and text

ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio 12 contains image- and text-based classification technologies, enabling you to optimize your enterprise content management processes. The image-based classification technology uses convolutional neural networks are used to detect the type of each incoming document. The text-based classification technology uses statistical and semantic analysis. Users can use either technology or a combination of both.


Ability to protect your FlexiLayouts and classifiers from unauthorized use

You can protect any FlexiLayouts or classifiers you have created from unauthorized use, so that no one will be able to edit, use, or provide support for these FlexiLayouts without a license.

Protecting FlexiLayouts and classifiers from unauthorized use

Ability to pass named parameters to FlexiLayouts

ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio 12 allows you to specify input and output parameters for a FlexiLayout. When applying a FlexiLayout, its output parameters are passed on to all additional and trained FlexiLayouts that are allowed to accept them as input.

Named parameters can be used, for example, to check if certain data are present or to modify field detection algorithms. For example, fields may be detected using databases which must be selected based on the type of the batch at hand. Now you can pass the required batch type from a batch registration parameter to a named FlexiLayout parameter.

Named parameters

Improved field search algorithm for repeating groups

The algorithm used for detecting repeating group fields has been improved. Now you can search for fields of a repeating group instance in the region of the preceding instance. This is useful for extraction of skewed lines. In the previous versions of the program, the region of the preceding instance was excluded from the search area of the current region.

Repeating Group

Document filtering

When working with a large number of documents, you may need to display only some of them.

ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio 12 allows you to filter documents based on various parameters. The filter is invoked by right-clicking a column in the list of documents.

Batch window

Backing up FlexiLayouts and classifiers

Now you can back up a project and restore a FlexiLayout or classifier from the backup copy.

Backing up FlexiLayouts

Support for documents in popular office formats

Besides PDF files, ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio allows you to add and process documents in other popular office formats.

Supported formats

Main and additional FlexiLayouts

In ABBYY FlexiCapture 12, you can now use a main FlexiLayout and any number of additional FlexiLayouts.

Creating a Document Definition based on a flexible description

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