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Line of Elements

A Line of Elements is a group-type element for detecting simple child elements of various types when they are positioned in one line. Detectable child elements are Static Text, Character String, Date, Currency, Phone, fragments of text (Any Text) and numbers (Number).

The Line of Elements can be used to detect:

  • Table headings.
  • Headings in documents the content of which is almost identical.

Lines of Elements are represented by the icon in the project tree.

When the program searches for elements, it examines Recognized Words objects that were found during pre-recognition and are located in an element's search area.

The search area of the Line of Elements element is the area between the left-most and right-most child elements (these child elements are included in the search area).

Line of Elements settings that affect child elements

You can edit the properties of a Line of Elements on the Line of Elements and Child Elements tabs of the element properties dialog. To open this dialog, right-click an element in the FlexiLayout window and then click Properties… in the shortcut menu.

The Line of Elements tab contains the following settings:

  • Elements line accuracy
    Determines the maximum vertical offset between child elements. The default setting is 20 units.
  • Allow text between elements
    If this option is enabled, the program will detect child elements that are described in the Line of Elements element even if there is text between these child elements.

You can specify the child elements of a Line of Elements and their properties on the Child Elements tab.

To add a new sub-element, click the Add new button. Then, in the Add New SubElement dialog box, specify the new child element's name and select its type from the drop-down list. The following sub-element types are available: Static Text, Character String, Any Text, Date, Currency, Phone and Number. A sub-element's type can only be specified when the sub-element is created and cannot be changed later.

To delete an element, select it and click the Delete button.

Child elements are listed in the Child Elements field. When a FlexiLayout is applied, the program attempts to detect the child elements in the same order in which they are described in the Line of Elements. You can change the order of child elements using the and buttons.

The properties of any selected element are displayed in the Element parameters group. The appearance of the element properties editor changes depending on the type of element that was selected.

Changes to the parameters of a child element are applied when you select a different child element or tab. To apply all changes to the list and to child element properties, click the Apply button.


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