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FlexiLayout properties

To view or edit the properties of a FlexiLayout, click Properties... on the FlexiLayout menu or on the shortcut menu of the core node of the FlexiLayout tree. The Properties of %name% dialog box will appear which contains the following options:

The General tab:

  • Name
    The name of the FlexiLayout.
  • Version
  • The version of the FlexiLayout. You can create and use several versions (or "editions") of one FlexiLayout.
  • Comment
    User's comment to the FlexiLayout (optional). This field may contain any text
    Note.The Comment field will be available for viewing in the Document Definition editor of ABBYY FlexiCapture. When you create a Document Definition from an *.afl file (these files are generated when exporting FlexiLayouts from FlexiLayout Studio), the comment to the FlexiLayout will be displayed in the Document Definition properties in read-only mode. This field can be used to add information about the author of the FlexiLayout.
  • Pre-recognition
    Pre-recognition settings.
  • Allow multi-page documents
    Allows documents that contain multiple pages.
    • Minimum number of pages
      The smallest possible number of pages in a document.
    • Maximum number of pages
      The largest possible number of pages in a document.

The Constants  tab:

The Named parameters tab:

  • Named parameters for FlexiLayouts can be specified on this tab. Named parameters are used for debugging FlexiLayouts.

The Protection tab contains options for protecting the FlexiLayout from unauthorized use.



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