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First Found

First Found - is a group element used to detect the first occurrence of a subelement of the group. The search is carried out until a subelements of the group is found, then the search stops. The search result is the element which is found first.

In the project tree, First Found elements are marked with .

A First Found element can be used for sequential search for the same block first with a more reliable condition and then, if the block is not found, a less reliable condition is used.

Possible use:

  • Searching for a date on the image, where the program searches for an element of the Date type first, and then if the element is not found, an element of the Character String type is searched for.

A First Found element is different from a Group element in that you needn't manually specify stopping conditions for the search when using the First Found element. You only need to include all required subelements in the First Found group element in the right order. The conditions under which the search continues or stops apply automatically.

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