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Specifying element properties

You can change the properties of an element on the Advanced tab of the Advanced pre-search relations section. You can edit both properties you have set in the Properties dialog box of an element and some of the additional properties. See below for the list of properties you can edit in the Advanced pre-search relations section.

Note.Any properties you set on the first two tabs preceding the Advanced tab in the Properties dialog box will be interpreted by the FlexiLayout Studio compiler as a sequence of operators which are the parameters (properties) of the corresponding elements described in this chapter. To view the code generated for a property, click the Code button on the Advanced tab.

You can edit and copy the code displayed on the Code tab or use it for writing your own code which employs "if", "then", and "else" operators.


The following checks whether elements Element1 and Element2 have been detected or not. If at least one of the elements have not been detected, the program is instructed to look for a vertical separator. Otherwise, the program should look for a horizontal separator.

If (Element1.IsNull == False) or (Element2.IsNull == False) then
Mode: Vertical;
Mode: Horizontal;

Element properties are described in detail in the sections that follow.

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