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Debug functions which return information about the search area

The functions listed below are only available in the Advanced pre-search relations section.

These functions can be used for debugging prints. You can run print commands after specifying a set of instructions limiting the search area in order to see the results of these instructions.

Function Description
FuzzyRect SearchArea() Created search area – a fuzzy rectangle. Read-only.
RectArray ExcludedRects() Array of rectangles excluded from the search area. Read-only.
PageArea PageSearchAreaLocal( Int PageNumber ) Returns the search area that intersects the given page, in the local coordinates of the page.
PageArea PageSearchAreaGlobal( Int PageNumber ) Returns the search area that intersects the given page, in global coordinates.


To print the search area of an element:

In the Advanced pre-search relations section, type the following code for the selected element:

Print: Str(SearchArea);

or equivalent code

Print: Str(SearchArea ());

The Str function converts the results into string format required for printing. The results (information about the coordinates and the size of the fuzzy rectangle of the selected element InternalRect and ExternalRect) will be displayed in the Properties window. To view the results, select the corresponding element in the tree of hypotheses and then point the mouse to the Pre-search print line in the Properties window. The Value may not fit within the Pre-search print line, but in the Pre-search print pane below the Properties window you will see the complete print results.

Note.When printing the results of accessing the function ExcludedRects (Print: Str(ExcludedRects());), select the Pre-search print line in the Properties window to see the results.

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