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Assigning reference classes

Assign a reference class to each page (using the Set Reference class command in the shortcut menu), or assign the classes automatically using the source folder. We recommend adding the Unknown Documents class for documents that can not be classified.

A reference class is a class assigned to a document as a result of manual classification. Both a section of a document and a document variant can be a reference class.

Assigning reference classes based on source folders

If source files were sorted into different folders in the file system prior to being loaded into FlexiLayout Studio, you can create and assign reference classes that correspond to the appropriate folders in the storage system. To do this:

  • Use the Add Images from Folder command;
  • After loading the files, assign classes to them using the Set Reference Class by Source Folder command.

Assigning reference classes based on a part of the images

To process a large batch of unsorted images, assign reference classes to some of the images and use them to classify the rest:

  1. Assign reference classes to some of the images (the Set Reference Class command in the shortcut menu).
  2. Train the classifier using the manually assigned images with recall priority (for more information, see Trade-off between precision and recall)
  3. Classify the rest of the batch and sort the results according to class (the Classification Results column).
  4. Check the classification results. Use the Set Classification Result Class as Reference command for documents that have had their class identified correctly. Manually assign reference classes to the rest.

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