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Batch window

The Batch window contains a table of images collected for the purpose of creating or fine-tuning a FlexiLayout.

The table's columns contain information about the operations performed on each image.

Working with multiple batches

Important!The same FlexiLayout/Classifier is used for all the images in all the batches in the project.

ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio lets you work with multiple batches within one project. This lets you put images from different sources into groups and work with each group separately.

By default, every new project contains one batch. You can add, remove, and edit batches, provided that there remains at least one batch in the project.

How to create and edit a batch

To create a new batch or edit an existing one, open the Batches dialog box by clicking Batches... on the Batch menu or by clicking the Batches button in the Batch pane. The Batches dialog box contains a list of all existing batches and the following information about each batch:

  • Name – the name of the batch
  • Path – the name of the folder that contains information about the batch (the full path to this folder is indicated in the batch properties)
  • Comment – user comments
  • Total Pages – the number of pages in the batch
  • Created – the date and time when the batch was created
  • Modified – the date and time when the last change to the batch was made

Batch properties

To open the properties dialog box of a batch, click the Edit button.

The General tab contains the following information:

  • Name – the name of the batch
  • Comment – user comments
  • Batch path – full path to the folder that contains all information about the batch (this path can be copied to the Clipboard)
  • Pre-recognitionpre-recognition parameters of the batch

Note.By default, project settings are applied to all the batches in the project.

Batches can also have named parameters, which you can create and edit on the Named parameters tab of the properties dialog of a batch.

Managing batches

You can switch between batches using the drop-down list in the Batch pane or by selecting a batch in the Batches dialog box.

You can also move images from one batch to another. To do so, right-click an image and select Move Pages to Batch... on the shortcut menu or click Move Selected Pages to Another Batch on the Batch menu.

Shortcut menu commands for FlexiLayouts

Shortcut menu commands for the classifier

Width settings and hiding columns


Note.You can read more about the commands in the shortcut menu of batches in the Image shortcut menu article.

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