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Sample 4. Step 9: TotalAmount field, SumGroup Group element

Once you have analyzed the test documents, you will notice that the Total Amount field occurs only together with the field name on the last page below the table. Additionally, the field itself is either on the same level as the field name or below the name. Since the field contains only one line, we will create a Character String element to search for it.

To specify the settings common to the field and its name, we will use a Group element.

To create a SumGroup element:

  1. Create an element of type Group and name it SumGroup.
  2. Click the Advanced tab and in the Advanced pre-search relations field, specify additional search constraints for all the elements in the group:Search for the object below the last detected table. In the FlexiLayout language, this constraint can be written as follows:
    If not InvoiceTable.LastSubTable.Body.IsNull then
    Below: InvoiceTable.LastSubTable.Body.Rect.Bottom;

To search for the keywords in the TotalAmount field, use a SumGroup.kwTotal element of type Static Text. See Step 9.1 for detailed instructions.

To search for the one-line TotalAmount field, use a SumGroup. TotalAmount element of type Character String. See Step 9.2 for detailed instructions.

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