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Sample 4. Step 6.4: The final part of the document, ShortFooter element

To create a ShortFooter element:

  1. In the InvoiceFooter element, create an optional element of type Static Text and name it ShortFooter.
  2. Click the Static Text tab.
  3. In the Search text field, type the text to search: Total.
  4. Click the Search Constraints tab and exclude the already detected ExtraTag element from the search area of the ShortFooter element. This will prevent the program from finding the word "Total" in the name of the table:
    • Click the Add... button next to the Exclude regions of elements field.
    • Select ExtraTag from the list of elements.
    • Click OK. The SearchElements.InvoiceFooter.ExtraTag string will appear in the Exclude regions of elements field.
  5. Since the search text is always located below the name of the Description column, click the Relations tab and specify the following relation:
    • Below the AddTag element, Offset = 100;
  6. Earlier we decided that we will search for the ShortFooter element only if LongFooter has not been detected. To implement this condition, specify the following in Advanced pre-search relations:Do not search for the element if LongFooter has not been detected. In the FlexiLayout language, this condition can be written as follows:

If not LongFooter.IsNull then Dontfind();

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