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Sample 4. Step 5: Document header and InvoiceHeader group

In the InvoiceHeader group, we will describe the elements that will help us identify the first page of the document.

  1. To find the keywords contained in the names of the Invoice Number, Delivery Address, and Invoice Date fields, create the following elements of type Static Text:
    • kwInvoiceNumber element. See Step 5.1 for detailed instructions.
    • kwDeliveryAddress element. See Step 5.2 for detailed instructions.
    • kwInvoiceDate element. See Step 5.3 for detailed instructions.
  2. We will search for the Invoice Number and Invoice Date fields to the right and below the corresponding name, using the following elements:
    • InvoiceNumber of type Character String. See Step 5.4 for detailed instructions.
    • InvoiceDate of the Date type (for good quality images) and InvoiceDateAsString of type Character String (if the search for the InvoiceDate element produced no results) merged into a grDate element of type Group. See Step 5.5 for detailed instructions.
      Note.For more information about searching for dates on poor quality images, see Tips and Tricks.
  3. To find the Delivery Address field, which has multiple lines, use a DeliveryAddress of type Paragraph (see Step 5.6 for detailed instructions). The search area should be specified as strictly as possible.
    We will use a wgAddressAbove element of the White Gap type to restrict the search area from below (see Step 5.6 for detailed instructions).
    Next will group all these elements that serve to detect the Delivery Address field into one group named grAddress:

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