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Sample 4. Step 2: Viewing the images and pre-recognition results

Before you start creating your FlexiLayout, you must consider which of the image objects can be used to identify the beginning and the end of the document and to find the required data fields. You can rely only on those graphical and/or text objects which are consistently detected on the images during pre-recognition.

Note.Special Header and Footer elements can be used to detect the beginning and the end of a document. The may consist of one or more elements that unambiguously identify the document's beginning and end respectively.

To launch the pre-recognition process:

  1. Select all the images in the batch.
  2. Select the Prerecognize command (Batch menu or the shortcut menu of the image).

Note.For more information about the pre-recognition process, see. Sample 1. Step 4.

Once you examine the pre-recognition results, you will see that all the text objects corresponding to the field names, column names and horizontal separators are detected reliably and can be used as starting points to look for other objects on the images.

Note.For more information about viewing images and pre-recognition results, see Sample 1. Step 5 and Sample 1. Step 6.

Now you can create and set up reference elements and search constraints for blocks corresponding to data fields. Activate the FlexiLayout window and go to the next step.

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