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Sample 2. Step 16: Creating a CookingTimeHeader element

To create the CookingTimeHeader element:

  1. Create an element of type Static Text and name it CookingTimeHeader.
  2. Click the Static Text tab.
  3. In the Search text field, type the text to search: minutes|hour|hours.
  4. Set Max error percentage to 10.
  5. Click the Advanced tab.
  6. The field which contains the cooking time is located below all the other objects on the image. This means that you can set an additional search constraint in the Advanced pre-search relations field:Search for the object closest to the bottom of the page. In the FlexiLayout language this must be written as follows:
    NearestY: PageRect.Bottom;
    Note.The same constraint can also be specified via the program’s graphical user interface. Click the Relations tab, select Nearest, and in the To drop-down list select Page bottom edge.

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