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Sample 1. Step 2: Adding images to the batch

Note.A batch is a set of test images (pages) to be used for debugging a FlexiLayout.

Once the new project has been created, you must add the test images to the batch. The images will be used to debug the FlexiLayout.

  1. Click the Batch tab in the main program window.
  2. Select the Open & Add Images... command in the File menu or in the shortcut menu.

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  1. In the Open Images dialog box, click the Image Preprocessing Settings... and in the dialog box that opens select the One document per file option.
  2. Specify the test image files (sample 1 images can be found in %public%\ABBYY\FlexiCapture\12.0\Samples\FLS\English\Halloween Form\Halloween FormBatch\Halloween FormBatch\<page number>\Image\bwPage.frdat).

The test images you add to the batch will be displayed in the Batch window.

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Note.When adding images, you can specify how reference assembly must be performed. By selecting One document per file, you tell the program that each image is a separate document.

For more information about reference assembly, see the Reference document assembly section of the help file.

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