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Sample 1. Step 13: Testing the YOUR PLANET NAME field

To check that the program can correctly find the field described by the PlanetName element, activate the Batch tab in the FlexiLayout Studio main window and try matching the FlexiLayout with each image in the batch:

  1. Open an image.
  2. Select the Match command in the FlexiLayout menu or in the shortcut menu of each image.

Note.To carry out a fast check, select all the required images in the batch and then select the Match command in the shortcut menu of the batch. The results can be viewed in the Image window in Matched Layout mode. To carry out a more thorough check, which takes more time but allows you to view the formulated hypotheses, select the Match command for each open image separately.

Once you have matched the FlexiLayout with the images, you will see that the YOUR PLANET NAME field corresponding to the PlanetName element has been found successfully on all the images.

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