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Saving images

To save images of the selected pages:

  1. In the Batch window, select the pages you wish to save.
  2. From the page shortcut menu select Export Pages to Files....
  3. In the dialog that opens specify the path to the folder.
  4. Click Export options... to select desired saving options.

You can select the following options:

Option Description
Name prefix File name prefix
Name suffix

Select how the name suffix is composed:

  • as page number
  • continiously

If the suffix changes continiously, specify the number to start enumeration with.


The following saving formats are available:

  • *.bmp
  • *.dcx
  • *.pcx
  • *.png
  • *.tif
Color type

Select a desired color type:

  • Black and white
  • Color
  • Grey
Rewrite existing files Select this option if you wish to rewrite existing files with new files with the same names.

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