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Deleting page data

In the Select Data to Delete dialog box you can delete data from pages selected in the Batch window. To open the dialog box, select the Delete Page Data command from:

  • the Batch menu
  • the batch shortcut menu
  • the page shortcut menu

You can delete the following page data:

Important!Please note that these changes cannot be undone.

  • Extracted image objects - Deletes information about objects detected during pre-recognition.
  • Matched layout - Deletes information about detected blocks and elements obtained when matching the FlexiLayout.
  • Reference layout - Deletes information about the reference layout.
  • Training layout - Deletes information about the training layout.

Note.When you perform image operations, all the pre-recognition and FlexiLayout matching results are deleted automatically. When rotating and flipping images, the Reference Layout is also deleted.

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