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Working with images

ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio provides the following operations that can make your work with images in the program more convenient:

  • Rotating the image (90° clockwise or counterclockwise, or 180°) and auto correcting image orientation
  • Flipping the image (horizontally or vertically)
  • Inverting the image
  • Despeckling the image
  • Rescaling the image

If the image is opened in the Image window, you can use the buttons of the Image Tools toolbar, the commands of the menu, or the commands of the shortcut menu of the Image window:

If you want to... click or select the following command in the menu
Rotate the image 90° clockwise Edit Image → Rotate Clockwise
Rotate the image 90° counterclockwise Edit ImageRotate Counter Clockwise
Rotate the image 180° Edit Image →  Rotate Upside Down
Correct image orientation Edit ImageCorrect Orientation
Invert the image (replace white dots with black dots and vice versa) Edit Image →  Invert
Despeckle the image (remove the noise from the image) Edit Image →  Despeckle
Zoom in to 2x

View → Images → Scale  →

Zoom In

Zoom out View → Images → Scale  → Zoom Out

Note.When you perform image operations, all the pre-recognition and FlexiLayout matching results are deleted. When rotating and flipping images, the Reference Layout is also deleted. You can also delete the page data by selecting the Batch → Delete Page Data command in the main menu.

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