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Table header

A Header contains the names of the columns in the table. Data are not extracted from this part of the table. The header merely helps the program to locate the top boundary of the table body and divide the table into columns. The search constraints for the header are set on the Columns tab.

Show Properties dialog box, Header tab

The following properties can be specified for a table header:

  • Look for header tells the program whether it should look for a header when matching the FlexiLayout. The option is selected by default.
  • Header is optional tells the program that the table may have no header. This will not prevent the FlexiLayout from matching. The option is selected by default.
  • The Null hypothesis quality field sets the quality of the null hypothesis for the header (this hypothesis is generated if the header is not found). The default value is 0.95.
  • In the Number of hypotheses field, enter the maximum number of hypotheses to generate when looking for the header. The default value is 1.
  • Header is on each page specifies that the header of a multi-page tables occurs on every page. The option is selected by default.
  • The Absolute area constraints option allows you to specify the coordinates of the header search area. If you wish to enter the coordinates, select this option and in the field next to it, enter the coordinates in the following format:[left, top, right, bottom]. You can enter the coordinates of only one rectangle in this field.

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