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Coordinates and units of measurement

Two dimensions – vertical and horizontal – are used to describe positions of objects on the page and distances between them. The (0,0) reference point is located in the top left-hand corner of the image. X-coordinates increase left to right, Y-coordinates increase top to bottom.

In a multi-page sheet there are two coordinate systems - a global coordinate system and local one. The former covers the entire multi-page sheet and all the objects on it and uses the top left corner of the first page as the origin of coordinates. The latter covers only one page and its objects and uses the top left corner of each page as the origin of coordinates.

Units of measurement for coordinates and distances:

Unit of measurement Description
dot (dt) 1/300 of an inch
inch (in) inch
pt paper point, 1/72 of an inch
mm millimeter
cm centimeter

Constants for distances can be represented using one of two formats:

Format Example
A numerical value immediately followed by a unit of measurement
  • 5cm
  • 200dot
  • 4in
A numerical value followed by the multiplication operator followed by a unit of measurement. You can insert spaces between any members of the representation.
  • 5*mm
  • 17 *dt
  • 3 * inch

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