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Sample 3. Step 20: Describing the Footer group with a Footer element of type Group

Analysis of the test images reveals that the footer of the table, the Country, Total Quantity, and Total Amount fields and their names are located in the lower part of the image, under the table header. To keep the first row of the table, where the keywords for the footer may also occur, out of the search area, we will lower the top boundary of the search area. To specify some common search constraints, we need to create a Group element.

To create the Footer element:

  1. Create a Group element and name it Footer.
  2. Click the Relations tab.
  3. Since the footer of the Invoice Table and the Country, Total Quantity, and Total Amount fields can only be located below the separator hsTableHeaderTop with some offset, set the following search constraint:
    • Below the element hsTableHeaderTop, Offset = 300.

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