More Sample Scripts

Some processing workflows involve combinations of scripts at various stages and use some additional capabilities offered by ABBYY FineReader Server. Sample preconfigured workflows for this kind can be found in %PUBLIC%\ABBYY \ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0\Samples\Worfklow.


This workflow will write the value of the first detected barcode into the name of the file. It uses an indexing script and file naming rules.


This workflow adds a special tag to the names of documents containing tables. It uses an indexing script and file naming rules.


This workflow separates documents based on barcodes and then uses the barcodes to create a document hierarchy for placing documents into their appropriate folders and subfolders (i.e.  Level_1_barcode\Level_2_barcode). It uses a separate script and file naming rules.

Note. All the pages received as input must be placed in one file.

A sample input document can be found in: %PUBLIC%\ABBYY\ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0\Samples\SampleImages\sep_barcodes.pdf.


This workflow outputs processing statistics and some technical data. It uses indexing and publishing scripts. Output data include:

  • processing times
  • names of scanning, verification, and indexing operators
  • errors and warnings
  • some other data

In the %PUBLIC%\ABBYY \ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0\Samples\Script folder, you will also find the following examples of using scripts:

  • Accessing_SP_metadata_via_an_indexing_script.cs
    Shows how you can get metadata from Microsoft SharePoint and use it in your script.
  • Counting_deleted_pages_in_a_document.cs
    Calculates the pages deleted at preprocessing and document separation stages..

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