Dialog Box: Audit workflow settings

An audit workflow is a special type of workflow that analyzes the selected file store and collects files statistics, such as the number of files of each type available in the file store, the number of pages in the files, whether the file store contains duplicate files, etc. Running an audit workflow will not affect the page counter of your license.

The collected statistics can then be used to calculate the number of pages that will be deducted from the page counter of your license if you proceed to process the files in the file store. The collected statistics can also be used to optimize the file store or find required data using regular expressions.  

An audit workflow is connected like any other workflow. The following can be used as a file store:

  • a shared local or network folder
  • an FTP/SFTP folder
  • a SharePoint library (including SharePoint Online).

The audit workflow will stop once all the files in the file store have been analyzed. If more files are added, you will need to run the audit workflow again. The contents of the file store will not be changed, regardless of its type.

Note. You can use the audit workflow settings to specify additional reports to be created for specific file categories and carry out regular expression searches.

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