How to Modify Workflow Settings in an XML Ticket

ABBYY FineReader Server lets you use XML tickets to add various information to a job, modify workflow settings, as well as set and edit metadata. The most commonly used workflow settings can be specified and modified via the UI. However, there are other settings which are not used as often—these can only be modified using an XML ticket file.

To edit an XML ticket, do the following:

  1. Launch the FineReader Server Remote Administration Console.
  2. Select the Workflows node.
  3. Export the appropriate workflow by selecting the Export Settings... command from the context menu.


    If the workflow requires authorizing via external services using login credentials or OAuth tokens, select the option to save sensitive data when exporting. Otherwise, you will have to authorize from scratch, requiring you to again specify your password, which you will need to remember.


    We recommend exporting all workflows twice. One copy should be used for editing, while the other should be stored as a backup copy, letting you revert to your old workflow settings just in case.
  4. Open the resulting XML file using any text editor.
  5. Add or modify parameters as required and save your changes.
  6. In the FineReader Server Remote Administration Console, delete the workflow. Otherwise, you will encounter an error about identical input directories when importing.
  7. Import your edited XML ticket file. To do so, select the Workflows node and then select Load Workflow Settings... from the context menu.

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