Node: Job Log

Information about processed files is kept in a job log, regardless of whether the respective job succeeded or failed. This log can help you figure out the causes of errors and determine which input file was used to create which output file. Entries are stored in chronological order and may be filtered.

Information about jobs that ended in errors is also recorded in Failed Jobs. This node has no customizable settings.

Entries in the Job Log

Column Description
Files The files that have been processed.
Workflow The name of the workflow in which this job was created.
Processing Notes The first message from the list of error messages.
Date The job completion date and time.
Pages The number of processed pages.
Processing Time The time that elapsed from the moment the job processing is started to the moment it was completed.
Total Time The total time that elapsed from the moment the job entered the queue to the moment its processing was completed.
Low-Confidence Characters

The percentage of uncertain characters in the document.

Note. For failed jobs, the logged value can be smaller than the specified limit. This may happen because the job is discarded if the number of uncertain characters exceeds the limit at least in one document of the job.

User The name of the user who created the job. The name can be obtained from the client application, or taken from the incoming e-mail message. If the name cannot be detected, the word "unknown" will be displayed in this column.

Job priority:

  • High
  • Above normal
  • Normal
  • Below normal
  • Low

The Files tab of the additional details pane contains a list of input files and their matching output files. Note that one input file may result in several output files (e.g. files with recognized data and XML files). For convenience, the input files and their corresponding output files are shown in a tabular format.

The shortcut menus of the Files tab

The Details tab of the additional details pane contains information about the job, including all of the errors and warnings that occurred during processing and the time that it took the program to complete the job (i.e. waiting time, processing time, and total time).

Icon What it means

Information message. Contains information about the actions of a Verification Station or Indexing Station operator:

  • document loading was stopped
  • the changes made to the document were saved
  • the document was accepted by the operator

The message contains the name of the operator (in DOMAIN\user format) that performed the action and the time of the action.

Note. If an operator rejects a document on a Verification Station or on an Indexing Station, an error message is created which also contains the name of the rejecting operator and the time of the action.

Notification. Contains information about the problems that occurred when processing the document.
Error. Contains information about a job that was rejected or caused an error.

Note. To copy the text of an error or warning to the Clipboard, right-click the error or warning and then click Copy.

Filtering entries in the job log

Finding a file in the job log

Exporting the job log

Job log settings

Job log shortcut menu

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