Dialog Box: E-mail Account

In this dialog box, you can set up an e-mail account to be used for sending e-mail notifications via SMTP.

Start by filling out the following fields:

Option name Option description
Server address Specify the SMTP server address.
Port number Specify the network port number. The default value is 25.
Use SSL/TLS Select this option to use SSL/TLS protocol. The specific protocol supported by the e-mail server will be selected automatically. By default, the TLS protocol is used.
Sender address Specify the e-mail address of the output message sender.

Next, select the authorization method:

Option name Option description
Use user credentials This is a legacy authorization method that requires credentials for an account (login and password). If your specific account does not require authorization, leave the credential fields blank when selecting this method.
Use OAuth This authorization method uses Microsoft OAuth 2.0 tokens. To use this authorization method, specify the full username (e.g., User@example.com), click Sign in... and follow the guide.
Important! For this method to work as intended, the specified e-mail server should support Microsoft Identity.
Use current user Windows credentials This authorization method uses the Windows account that was used to start the ABBYY FineReader Server 14 service.

Note. If all the settings are correct but FineReader Server is unable to send messages via SMTP server, make sure that a firewall does not block connection with the e-mail server. See the Troubleshooting section for details.

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