How to Merge user patterns

We recommend using pattern training1 for recognizing decorative (non-standard) fonts and low-resolution documents. For more information, see Pattern Training in the Verification Station Help.

If training is carried out on several different Verification Stations, resulting in two or more user patterns (represented by FBT files) being created, it is better to use all patterns created this way in a single workflow, which has been made possible in FineReader Server 14 Release 3 Update 6. To select several FBT files at once, open the User Languages and Patterns dialog by clicking Browse... in the Advanced Processing Settings dialog (the Advanced Settings... button in the 2. Process tab of the Workflow Properties dialog). Doing so will simultaneously use patterns from all selected files during recognition.

Note. To get a single FBT file containing all patterns selected in the workflow, save all appropriate patterns on the Verification Station.

1 A user pattern is a set of pairs "character image — keyboard character" created when you train the program to recognize characters. User patterns can be created on Verification Stations, in ABBYY FineReader 11 (or later), or using ABBYY FineReader Engine. User patterns are a source of additional information for the program and may be useful for:

  • texts set in decorative fonts
  • large documents (i.e. documents of more than a hundred pages) of low print quality.

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