How to Exclude Duplicate Files from Processing

Document Library workflows can exclude duplicate files from processing. This lets you save pages in your license and improve performance in general.

The Exclude duplicate files option can be found on the 1. Input tab of the Workflow Properties dialog box. If this option is selected, only the first found file will be processed, and any of its duplicates  found in the source folder will be left unchanged.

Duplicates are detected by comparing file hash codes.

Once a workflow has been completed, a report on duplicate files will be generated. The report will also tell you which of the files have been processed and which have been left unchanged in their source folders. You will be able to access the report from the Workflows node in the Details pane.

Note. Exclude duplicate files is incompatible with Create job >For each folder.

Note. If there are custom columns in your SharePoint library, duplicate search will not work for DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, and PPTX documents, as Microsoft SharePoint will modify this types of files by adding custom properties.

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