Dialog Box: Workflow Properties

This dialog box appears when a new workflow is created (see Creating a New Workflow for more details) and when you view the properties of a workflow or processing settings of a job. A job inherits processing parameters of the workflow in which it was created (except those parameters that are overridden by the XML ticket).

Depending on where this dialog box has been called from, it can have different titles and some of its options can be unavailable.

The dialog box has 7 tabs:

  • General. On this tab you can specify general parameters, such as workflow name, workflow activity and priority.
  • 1. Input. On this tab you can specify input parameters.
  • 2. Process. This tab contains image preprocessing and recognition options.
  • 3. Document Separation. On this tab you can select the document separation method.
  • 4. Quality Control. On this tab you can specify the verification options, the Exceptions folder, and error handling parameters.
  • 5. Indexing. On this tab you can specify document types for indexing, assign operators for manual indexing, and configure document identification and indexing with the help of a script.
  • 6. Output. On this tab you can specify output parameters, such as the export formats, the corresponding Output folders, and the folder for storing the XML result files.

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