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ABBYY FineReader Server 14 provides an easy way of customizing the workflow and integrating with external systems with the help of scripts. The program allows you to use scripts for document separation, automatic document type detection and indexing, and postprocessing of published documents and their attributes. Document processing scripts are defined in the workflow settings and can use various parameters of documents, such as recognized text and its coordinates, image file properties and recognition statistics.

XML Tickets

ABBYY FineReader Server 14 provides a convenient way to customize job settings via so-called XML tickets. An XML ticket is an XML file that contains a set of processing parameters for the job. The parameters set in the XML ticket override the workflow settings. If an XML ticket accompanies one or several input files, these files will be processed using the parameters set in the ticket. XML tickets can be used to define almost all job parameters, such as priority, recognition languages, output formats, output file name and path, etc.

XML tickets can be created either manually (in a text editor) or programmatically, via the Open API.

XML tickets can be used for integration of ABBYY FineReader Server with front-end systems and devices (for example, the processing options that the user sets on the scanner panel can be transferred to ABBYY FineReader Server in an XML ticket).

Open API

ABBYY FineReader Server provides two types of Open API for integration with external systems: a COM-based API and a Web Services API. Both APIs provide the following functionality:

  • submitting images for processing
  • creating and submitting XML tickets for processing
  • getting notifications about the job completion and information about the job results

The COM-based API uses RPC technology and can be used for integration with other systems in the local area network.

The Web services API enables communication with remote systems via HTTP or HTTPS, and therefore allows for remote integration over the Internet.

Note. You can use the Open API and XML tickets only if you have the Open API add-on module enabled in your ABBYY FineReader Server 14 license.

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