InputDocument Object

InputDocument Object

The InputDocument object represents an input document. It is used in preprocessing scripts to detect files in formats that FineReader Server cannot recognize so that they can be converted into one of the supported formats and processed.

The properties of the InputDocument object are listed in the table below.


Name Type Description
InputFileLocation [out, retval] String Input document location. Contains path to the copy of the input file in the temporary folder of FineReader Server.


Name Parameters Description
StartInputFileReplacement [in] String

Starts the preprocessing or conversion of a document. The preprocessed/converted document must be located in the same folder as the input document.

Important! If you use this method in your script, make sure you also use the CompleteInputFileReplacement method. Otherwise the job will not be completed.

CompleteInputFileReplacement None. Completes the preprocessing/conversion of a document so that it can be used.
LogMessage [in] String - the message which is to be written into the Application log. Writes a string into the Application log of the computer where the script is executed.
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