FailedJob Object

FailedJob Object

This object represents a failed job. It is used in export handling scripts. With the help of this object, you can use job properties, input files properties, and recognition error descriptions to determine a destination for the images that failed to be processed.

Note. Failed job scripts will not work with jobs that were removed from the queue at any point.


Name Type Description
Errors StringsCollection, read-only Error messages for the job.
ExceptionsFolder String, read-only Path to the Exceptions folder.
InputFiles InputFiles, read-only All input files that are contained in the failed job.
JobProperties JobProperties, read-only Properties of the failed job.
XmlResultLocation String, read-only Contains the full path to the XML result file.


Name Parameters Description
LogMessage [in] String - the message which is to be written into the Application log. Writes a string into the Application log of the machine where the script is executed.
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