Introducing ABBYY FineReader Server 14

ABBYY FineReader Server is a powerful yet easy-to-use document capture system that allows organizations to establish a cost-efficient process of converting paper to searchable and re-usable electronic documents. ABBYY FineReader Server provides functionality for scanning, optical character recognition, document sorting and indexing and delivering the documents into archives, enterprise content management and search systems.

Thanks to its scalable extendable architecture, ABBYY FineReader Server can quickly process huge volumes of documents while remaining simple to deploy and use. No matter what the project time constrains are, ABBYY FineReader Server will ensure the work is done on schedule and with minimal effort.

ABBYY FineReader Server 14:

  • Takes care of the whole document capture process
    ABBYY FineReader Server covers all steps of the document capture, from scanning to image enhancement, indexing and automated routing of documents to archiving and content management systems.
  • Based on the ABBYY award-winning technology
    ABBYY FineReader Server delivers a highly accurate result, thanks to the ABBYY award-winning OCR technology, which supports recognition of texts in more than 190 OCR languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. ABBYY FineReader Server converts images and scanned documents into a variety of output formats suitable for archiving, sharing and editing, such as PDF, PDF/A, XML, RTF, and Microsoft® Office formats.
  • Designed for processing high volumes of documents
    ABBYY FineReader Server is known for its unmatched scalability. This is an unrivaled solution easily extendable to multi-core CPUs or multiple servers, and therefore able to cope with any volume of documents, processing them in scheduled hours or round-the-clock. The priority management and advanced scheduling features allow the administrator to control the order in which the documents are processed and utilize hardware resources in the most efficient way.
  • Quick in deployment and easy in use
    ABBYY FineReader Server has an intuitive interface and can be set up and operated without preceding training. Processing stages that require minimal user involvement, such as OCR and document conversion are automated, and convenient tools are provided for manual operations like scanning, indexing and verification.
  • Compatible with scanners and ECM systems
    ABBYY FineReader Server will supplement scanning devices and backend software used in the organization with powerful document capture functionality. Integration with a scanner or another application can be done in various ways, from exchanging e-mails to scripted routing and tight bonding via API.
  • Offers ready-made connector to Microsoft Search system
    ABBYY FineReader Server not only acts as a standalone document capture solution, but also connects as a background OCR server to the enterprise search systems such as Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server, as well as Windows® Desktop Search enabling the aforementioned systems with the ability to index and search through the content of image documents.
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