How to get workflow statistics using the API

ABBYY FineReader Server 14 allows you to use the API to get various workflow-specific statistics about processed jobs.

These statistics can be used to do the following:

  • Monitor your system and its performance
  • Integrate your system with others
  • Create information panels

The response contains statistics about processed pages and jobs, as well as the current workflow status and its uptime.

These statistics can be compiled for all workflows together, as well as each one separately.

How to get statistics for all workflows together


How to get workflow-specific statistics


where workflowName is the name of your particular workflow,

someLocation is IP address or the hostname of the machine where the Server Manager is installed.

Sample code:

   "WorkflowName": "Default Workflow",
   "WorkflowInputType": "HotFolder_SharedFolder",
   "WorkflowPriority": "P_Low",
   "WorkflowState": "WS_NotAvailable",
   "RunStatistics": {
      "JobTotalCount": 0,
      "JobProcessedCount": 0,
      "JobTotalNotProcessedCount": 0,
      "JobDiscardedCount": 0,

  "ProcessedPageCount": 0,
  "ProcessedGothicPageCount": 0,


For more information about the FineReader Server 14 API, see the swagger documentation.

Note. To use the API, you need to install the Web API component and have a license that allows you to use the API.

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