Fault Tolerance

As ABBYY FineReader Server 14 runs completely unattended, it has a number of fault tolerance features that ensure robustness of the system:

  • The system starts automatically at Windows startup. For example, in the case of a temporary power outage, ABBYY FineReader Server will be up and running automatically after the PC is rebooted.
  • Documents are processed so that no data are lost in the case of a system failure. All the images that were being processed when the failure occurred will stay in the queue and will be processed again after the system is restarted.
  • The Server Manager periodically checks to make sure that the Processing Stations are running and are available. If a Processing Station is temporarily down for some reason, the Server Manager will re-establish connection with it after it becomes operational. No administrator's involvement is required to re-connect a Processing Station.
  • If a Processing, Verification, or Indexing Station experiences a failure while processing a document, the document will be automatically re-routed to another available station. If no station is available at the moment, the image will remain in the queue and wait for the first available station.
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