Attribute Object

Attribute Object

This object represents a document attribute. It can be used in document indexing and export scripts.


Name Type Description
BoundingRect  Rectangle Object Returns IRectangle, which specifies a rectangle for the region.
IsDefined Boolean, read-only Specifies whether the document attribute value is defined.
IsRequired Boolean, read-only Specifies whether the document attribute value is required.
Name String, read-only Attribute name.
PageIndex Int, read-only Index for the page on which the field was detected on the Indexing Station.
PossibleValues StringCollection Lists the possible values of an attribute of the List type. You can add values to the list or delete them.
Type DocumentAttributeType, read-only Attribute type.

Value of the document attribute. Document attributes can be of the following types: single line, multiple lines, checkbox, element of the list, date, number, currency, URL and regular expression. The VARIANT contains String for the single line, element of the list and regular expression types, Boolean for the checkbox type, or StringsCollection for the multiple lines type.

Note. You can include the attribute value to the output file naming scheme using the attribute name in angle brackets.

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