Dialog Box: TIFF

This dialog box allows you to specify TIFF format settings.

Option name Option description

Change original resolution

(drop-down list)

Sets the value of image resolution in dpi.

Change original color

(drop-down list)

Specifies image color:

  • Color - allows you to preserve the original colors of a full-color document
  • Grayscale - retains more information about the letters in the text as compared with the black-and-white mode
  • Black and White - allows you to greatly reduce the image size

Use compression

(drop-down list)

Specifies the compression:

  • Uncompressed
  • ZIP
  • JPEG (for color and gray images only)
  • Packbits
  • Group3 (for black-and-white images only)
  • Group4 (for black-and-white images only)
  • LZW
See also

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