3. Document Separation Dialog Box: Workflow Properties, Tab: Document Separation

The 3. Document Separation tab contains document separation options. See the Configuring Document Separation section for more information about document separation.

The document separation options allow you to separate batches of images scanned by a high-speed scanner into documents. Each document will be saved to a separate output file. Document separation is done within a job.

Option name Option description

Select a desired document separation method. By default, one document is created for each job. Depending on the type of the Input folder specified on the 1. Input tab different separation methods are available:

  • Create one document for each job
  • Create one document for each file in job
  • Start new document after every N pages
  • Start new document after blank page
  • Start new document after barcoded page
    Note. Code 32 barcodes are a subtype of Code 39 barcodes, and are also less common, hence they will be recognized as Code 39 barcodes during document separation. For a Code 32 barcode to be recognized correctly, it needs to be explicitly specified in the workflow settings.

Note. For the Exchange Mailbox (deprecated) and POP3 E-mail Server sources, you can choose only Create one document for each job or Create one document for each file in job separation method.

See for details Configuring Document Separation.

Barcode type

(drop-down list)

Specifies the type of barcodes to be used for document separation. The option is only available if Start a new document from page with barcode method is selected.

Note. Barcodes that are not recognized by the program and are edited manually on the verification stage have no effect on document separation.

Note. If you use barcodes of type Code 39 without asterisk for document separation, be sure to select their type from the drop-down list.

You can also strictly specify a barcode by adding a regular expression in the line next to the drop-down list.

Delete barcoded pages


Specifies whether barcode pages should be deleted after separation.

Delete blank pages


Specifies whether blank pages should be deleted after separation.

Blank Page Detection...


Opens the Blank Page Detection dialog box. This button is clickable if one of the following options is enabled:

  • Start new document after blank page;
  • Delete blank pages.
Allow manual document assembly on

This option allows you to enable the Manual document assembling mode at the Verification and/or Indexing stage.

At the selected stage, documents from one job will be allocated to one Operator, which will allow him/her to correct possible errors of automatic document separation.

If this mode is enabled, the job will be published only after the Operator takes a decision on all documents.



Opens the Script Editor dialog box where you can enter a script text to implement your own separation scenario. See for details Creating a Script for Document Separation.
See also

Configuring Document Separation

Process Tab of Workflow Properties Dialog Box

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