DocumentToIndexPage Object

DocumentToIndexPage Object

This object represents a page of the document to be indexed. It can be used in document identification and indexing scripts. When recognizing a page, ABBYY FineReader Server first analyzes its layout and detects blocks of various types on the page. Blocks determine how and in what order the image areas will be recognized and contain recognized text after recognition. Through the TextBlocks, TableBlocks, or BarcodeBlocks properties, you can access the recognized text of the corresponding block and block position on the page.


Name Type Description
BarcodeBlocks BarcodeBlocks, read-only All barcode blocks of the page layout.
Height Long, read-only Layout height in pixels.
PageIndex Long, read-only Page index in the document. The index of the first page is 0.
PageNumber Long, read-only Page number in the document. The number of the first page is 1.
Resolution Long, read-only Layout resolution.
Statistics Statistics, read-only Page processing statistics.
TableBlocks TableBlocks, read-only All table blocks of the page layout.
Text String, read-only String with the concatenated text of all blocks.
TextBlocks TextBlocks, read-only All text blocks of the page layout.
Width Long, read-only Layout width in pixels.


Name Description
RedactRegion( [in] IRegion* region )  Edits the block for a region.
RedactAttribute( [in] IAttribute* attribute ) Edits an index field.
RedactRect( [in] IRectangle* rect ) Edits the rectangle with the specified coordinates.
ReplaceTextOnPage( [in] BSTR what, [in] BSTR with, [in, defaultvalue(0)] VARIANT_BOOL ignoreCase ) Replaces the word "what" with the word "with" on the selected page.
The ignoreCase parameter specifies that the search will be case insensitive (it is case sensitive by default).
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