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Review Forms

A Form is a part of the user interface of web or desktop application and controls within it, which a user interacts with. The program detects forms' boundaries using, for instance, interface redrawing or applications switching. For example, in order to send a parcel, a user fills in different order pages: enters the recipient data, selects the desired delivery date, and enters payment data. After processing the log with recorded user actions, the program finds 3 forms.

After uploading logs to Timeline, it is recommended to check forms for task definition quality improvement. Forms contain screenshots with associated user actions in the application. Check forms to make sure that unnecessary information will not appear in task definitions.

Note. If the Task Mining project contains a lot of forms or events in the forms, it can affect logs processing. Loading elements in Form editor and the Discover task feature can take some time.

How to review forms

  1. Click Form editor on the project overview page. You will see the list of used applications and forms defined for them. Hover over any task or application and click to rename them.
  2. Select a form. You will see screenshots illustrating certain user actions.
  3. Check the forms you are interested in. You may want to transfer some screenshots to a separate form to add or remove them from a task definition. Also, it can be useful to combine several forms into one for better task definition. Form editor allows to search for certain or similar events and move them between different forms or merge forms within one application.

How to move screenshots

How to merge forms

Usage examples

Split actions to refer them to different tasks.

Combine forms to create a single form task.

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